Wireless Transmission

No cabling system? No problem. Our wireless video cameras don’t require cable installations to transmit high-definition video to secure your business.

When you need to install video surveillance for your business, whether you have a job site in a remote location or have network challenges, wireless transmission is an excellent tool. At Surveillance Secure Phoenix, we offer wireless transmission for your surveillance video needs, which offers affordable, dependable video solutions without the need for extensive cabling.

For temporary job sites to established locations, our wireless transmission camera options give you the opportunity to cover several locations within a radius of up to four miles. We’re a full service commercial security agency and can design, install, and support your systems for the utmost efficiency in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

The Benefits of Going Wireless for Your Surveillance

Many facilities can benefit from wireless transmission, including parking lots, agricultural sites, parks, storage yards, private roads, and marinas. However, you need experienced technicians to install your wireless transmission cameras to ensure full functionality and benefits. It’s possible to have a reliable electronic surveillance system without a traditional network with help from our commercial security professionals.

Wireless transmission offers you added security as there’s no one wire or even several wires that can be disabled should someone want to deactivate your system. And, our technology comes with backup batteries should your source of power ever be compromised. These systems are simple to install and scalable, allowing you to add more cameras or reduce the amount of cameras should you ever need to.

Minimize your upfront costs and installation expenses with wireless transmission cameras, which utilize cloud storage to keep your video stored in a secure, off-site location to better protect your footage should anything happen to your cameras. With fewer restrictions for their placement, you’ll have greater flexibility for your surveillance system with our solutions.

Could Wireless Transmission Benefit Your Facility?

Make the most of your surveillance setup without being dependent on expensive networking. Our team at Surveillance Secure Phoenix makes securely monitoring your site possible with wireless transmission. Contact us today to set up a consultation to see if wireless transmission could be the right fit for your security camera needs in Phoenix or Scottsdale!


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