Thermal Cameras

Surveillance Secure Phoenix has the thermal imaging technology you need to secure your perimeter, identify potential fire hazards, and detect body temperature with zero contact.

Thermal imaging technology has a range of applications that can be beneficial for your business in Phoenix or Scottsdale. These cameras don’t need a light source to detect heat or read temperatures, and they can be invaluable safety tools when combined with your surveillance technology.

The commercial security professionals at Surveillance Secure Phoenix offer thermal cameras which can be configured to alert your staff based on specific readings, such as machinery that gets too hot or when an employee attempts to enter with an elevated body temperature.

With so many applications, leveraging the potential of thermal cameras makes them ideal for a wide variety of industries. From securing your perimeter to protecting your business during the COVID-19 crisis, Surveillance Secure Phoenix helps you keep a watchful eye on your surroundings with the right technology.

Thermal Imaging for Contactless Temperature Readings

As businesses continue to navigate safe reopening during COVID-19, temperature readings play a central role. But when taking temperature, it becomes cumbersome for staff to stop what they’re doing every time a visitor or employee attempts entry to take their temperature. Fortunately, thermal cameras can quickly and accurately detect abnormal body temperature without even touching your subjects.

These cameras deliver real-time detection of high body temperature and keep records of thermal data for your reference, which can be particularly helpful when the same employees, students, or patients are entering an area. The system is rapid and accurate, and we can integrate it with your existing surveillance or access control systems for ease of use.

Detect Potential Fire Hazards Before an Emergency

Thermal cameras can also detect overheating machines and monitor commercial settings such as manufacturing facilities for potential fires. Our team works with you to identify the areas that would benefit the most from thermal imaging technology, then, we can help you configure your systems to set parameters for normal temperatures of machines.

Not only does this setup eliminate the need for your employees to constantly check on machines or other equipment, but it can help detect a potential fire source before the machine actually has a chance to begin smoking or catching fire. Your system can automatically alert your security team of anything unusual, allowing them to investigate the issue before anyone’s safety is threatened.

Secure Your Perimeter at All Times

When securing your perimeter, thermal cameras are a valuable tool that allow your security team to detect trespassers before they have a chance to get close to your building. Thermal cameras don’t depend on proper lighting to “see” violators; instead, they detect body heat and can alert you if anything bigger than a small animal has been detected on your premises.

Respect Your Patients’ Privacy Yet Prioritize Their Safety

In health care settings, especially long-term care facilities or retirement communities, patient privacy can be just as important as patient care. Keeping patients safe while protecting their privacy—particularly during rehabilitative care or hospice care when patients may be more likely to fall or otherwise injury themselves—is a challenge for many health care practices.

Thermal cameras are an excellent solution for health care settings when it comes to surveillance. These cameras give you the ability to see where patients are without seeing detail. This way, your team can still monitor patients who may have fallen out of bed, yet respect their privacy in a fundamental way.

Could Thermal Cameras Benefit You?

For all your thermal imaging needs in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Surveillance Secure Phoenix helps you deploy solutions that are reliable, accurate, simple to use, and best of all, support your objectives for enhanced safety and efficiency, even during COVID-19. Contact us today to discover if thermal imaging technology could benefit your business!


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