PTZ Cameras

Increase your video coverage with high-definition pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras from our security professionals at Surveillance Secure Phoenix.

When your facility has greater coverage needs than just a few cameras can provide, PTZ cameras may be the solution. These cameras give you the ability to cover numerous areas with just one camera with superior video quality. PTZ cameras are affordable, efficient, and excellent options for a range of businesses in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Our PTZ cameras give you the option to leverage intelligent video analytics, such as facial recognition technology or gunshot detection, and you can also configure your camera to automatically zoom in on certain events. Whether you need PTZ cameras as an exclusive solution or need to combine your PTZ technology with other cameras in your system, we can help you create the perfect solution to meet all your commercial security needs.

Have a facility in a location where unforgiving weather conditions are a challenge? No problem. PTZ cameras can be used even in locations where weather makes traditional surveillance difficult, giving you a flexible solution for all your security needs in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Features of PTZ Cameras for Your Security Applications

PTZ cameras give you the benefit of securing your business in the most efficient way possible without compromising on your security goals. PTZ cameras are:

  • Discreet. Our team can work with you to discreetly place these cameras in areas where they’d be difficult to immediately identify, giving you an advantage when securing sensitive areas.
  • Programmable. Should the camera detect a certain event, you can program your system to automatically have the camera zoom in on the area of interest.
  • Convenient. These cameras give you the ability to remotely view your video feed, meaning you won’t need to be on-site to review footage or store your video at your business location for added security.
  • Reliable. PTZ cameras aren’t dependent on certain lighting conditions, allowing you to install and utilize them even in areas that don’t have excellent lighting.

Our team at Surveillance Secure Phoenix can help you determine if PTZ cameras are the right fit for your business!

Are PTZ Cameras the Right Choice for Your Surveillance?

Surveillance Secure Phoenix works with you to determine if PTZ cameras could benefit your business in Phoenix or Scottsdale. Contact us today to find out more about how this technology could be an integral part of your surveillance setup today!


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