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No matter what your job site’s conditions are, Surveillance Secure Phoenix has the technology you need to securely and effectively monitor your location.

Mobile Surveillance Units ArizonaTemporary job sites are often the most vulnerable to theft and accidents. Keeping an eye on your job site with scalable surveillance technology isn’t just a must to ensure safety, but also for insurance requirements in many situations. Fortunately, our commercial security professionals can help. We offer mobile cameras which are designed to make it easy to reliably monitor your job site in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

For When You Need Reliable Mobile Surveillance Solutions

Around the clock surveillance is necessary, but can be cumbersome to set up and may feel like a waste of time when you’re working temporarily at a location. However, the truth is that people take advantage of the fact that many job sites go unmonitored, making them targets for theft, vandalism, and loitering.

You can protect your job site’s progress and even help keep employees safe with our flexible security solutions. We have technology that doesn’t rely on an established power source to reliably transmit video with our solar powered devices and wireless transmission technology.

Modern Technology and Support to Meet Your Needs

Even if your job site is near an area where weather conditions are a challenge—say near water or in extreme temperatures—we have the solutions you need to monitor your assets 24/7. With remote monitoring capabilities, you don’t have to constantly be at your site to see what’s going on, and with our professional maintenance, you can be sure your equipment will function perfectly from the day it’s installed to the day you need to relocate to the next project.

Rapid Deployment Surveillance Camera Options: Portable, Durable and Remotely Accessible

Box mounted surveillance camera system ArizonaOur clients from throughout Arizona have had requirements that need surveillance units to be deployed in short order, often at locations with minimal or no local power or infrastructure available. To provide reliable and commercial-grade surveillance unit solutions to meet these project requirements, Surveillance Secure offers our Rapid Deployment surveillance systems. These surveillance systems provide tailored, mobile and remote management and access for a full range of applications, for the length of time needed from our clients, which including new home construction sites, outdoor concerts or parking lots, remote locations or infrastructure monitoring, and other locations with valuable assets needing protection.

Our team will review your requirements and project location to understand that available on-site resources, and will propose the mobile or rapid deployment solution best suited to your project. Our mobile and rapid deployment surveillance solutions can be powered on-site or by solar power, with cellular/5G and wireless access point connected solutions to give our clients 24/7 access with real-time alerts and remote monitoring capabilities. We have robust and professional-grade solutions to meet our clients’ security needs.

Don’t be limited with your camera choices when it comes to something as important as your job site.

The right surveillance cameras can be an invaluable tool in addition to or in place of your physical security team, and people often avoid sites they know are monitored. We can also install your system with audio capabilities, giving you the ability to speak through intercoms from a remote location to deter criminals.

Sure, your cameras can provide evidence after an incident has occurred. But with our solutions, you’re empowered to avoid incidents in the first place. Whether you need to monitor several locations or just one, we can help you make the right decisions when it comes to your mobile surveillance technology.

Let’s Get Started Designing Your Mobile Surveillance Solution Today

Our team at Surveillance Secure Phoenix conducts a full audit of your job site to assess your risk and determine the most advantageous positions for your cameras. Contact us today to begin designing your mobile job site security camera infrastructure for reliable monitoring solutions!


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