Explosion Protected

Our team works with commercial facilities in unforgiving environments to implement explosion-protected surveillance technology in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Commercial facilities that work with corrosive materials or experience explosion risks need robust technology that works regardless of the environment. Our team at Surveillance Secure Phoenix offers explosion-protected cameras, which are ideal for some of the toughest environments. Designed to function regardless of debris, moisture, or explosions, you can still monitor your commercial property whether you need interior or exterior cameras to complete your system.

Our team conducts a full risk assessment to better understand your surveillance needs and identify the best technology to support your security goals. With self-contained surveillance technology, we eliminate the need for you to put yourself at risk just to ensure proper monitoring is happening at your location. With remote viewing capabilities, we make it easy and safe for you to keep an eye on your commercial property.

Explosion-protected surveillance devices also work well with thermal imaging technology, which allows you to continue to monitor your site even with poor or no lighting. Thermal cameras can also detect unusual heat sources, giving you the opportunity to potentially prevent a fire or explosion at your location. No matter what your surveillance needs are, our commercial security specialists at Surveillance Secure Phoenix have the experience and equipment you need to fully secure your business.

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Harsh environments need reliable surveillance just as much as traditional business locations. With our solutions, you can safely and securely monitor your site without worrying about corrosive materials, harsh weather environments, or corrosive chemicals compromising your video feed. Contact us at Surveillance Secure Phoenix today to discover more about our explosion-protected surveillance technology for your applications in Phoenix and Scottsdale!


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