When Is a PTZ Surveillance Camera Appropriate for Your Project?

Point-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras are different from other types of surveillance cameras. PTZ cameras contain components that allow them to move, meaning the user can manipulate the camera to track an object or person across the frame, zoom in, and even take photos.

While fixed cameras only monitor a specific frame, and can’t capture anything outside of that, PTZ cameras offer the flexibility many industries need to effectively monitor their properties. 

Although PTZ cameras generally come with a higher initial cost, the value they provide can be well worth the investment. When is a PTZ surveillance camera appropriate for your project?

When You Need to Monitor a Large Area

PTZ cameras excel at monitoring large areas. Where an area would normally require several cameras, a single PTZ camera can do the job. PTZ units allow you to track specific objects or people in real-time, and their zoom feature makes it possible to zoom in to identify detail.

The features of PTZ cameras make them idea for large, open spaces such as those found in:

  • Car dealerships
  • Construction sites
  • Guard stations
  • Outdoor applications
  • Parking lots
  • School campuses
  • Warehouses

Their ability to cover wider ranges can also make PTZ cameras ideal for traffic monitoring [1]. PTZ cameras give businesses the ability to monitor large areas all in a single frame with pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities.

If You Want to Enhance Your Existing Surveillance System

If you have an existing surveillance system and want to enhance its capabilities and coverage, a PTZ surveillance camera can be a worthy choice.

PTZ cameras often work best when combined with other cameras in a system. The reason for this is because once the subject is out of the range of the PTZ camera, you won’t be able to monitor them, which can lead to gaps in coverage [2].

Combined with other cameras in a system, PTZ units can provide enhanced surveillance capabilities. For example, the PTZ camera can track a person or vehicle in real-time across a 360-degree view, but the fixed cameras can capture the person in shots which can provide greater detail for review later on.

When You Value Covert Surveillance

Thanks to the dome-like shell of PTZ cameras, it’s impossible for people to tell where the camera is focused.

The fact that you can track and focus objects in the frame makes it even more difficult for people to know where the camera is pointing at a given moment, which allows you to be covert about surveillance.

You can also program your PTZ camera to automatically follow people or vehicles in a frame. For example, if the camera detects motion, you can configure the system to track the motion until it disappears from the frame [3]. The camera can also be programmed to zoom in on specific areas at specific times, following a schedule.

Considering a PTZ Camera?

PTZ cameras won’t make sense for every application, but for the right projects, they can be invaluable. Could a PTZ camera benefit your surveillance needs? Find out by contacting Surveillance Secure Phoenix at (602) 635-1649. We can help you make sense of your PTZ camera options and discover if these surveillance cameras could enhance your monitoring solutions!


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