At Surveillance Secure Phoenix, we provide complete electronic commercial security solutions in Mesa, including cameras, access control systems, and gates and turnstiles.

Your commercial business needs the right technology to support safety and efficiency in Mesa. That’s why our team at Surveillance Secure Phoenix offers comprehensive electronic security solutions with leading-edge technology. With our professional experience and industry insight, we make it possible for you to invest in cost-effective technology designed for your specific objectives.

From hospitals to college campuses and corporate offices, we have the expertise you need to fully leverage the right systems to protect your property. We manage the entire process, from your initial risk assessment with us to the design, integration, installation, and support of your systems.

Surveillance Camera Installation Designed for Your Business

Surveillance cameras do more than monitor your property. They provide evidence for your business, and when integrated with intelligent video analytics, they become an invaluable tool for keeping your assets safe. Our team can revamp your current camera system or help you design a brand-new system with our professional commercial electronic security services.

We not only help you choose the best cameras for your needs, but the best location for your cameras. We can also help you set up your video storage. All of our technologies come with continuing maintenance and updates with our monthly support package. With our technology, you can choose from IP cameras to PTZ, solar-powered, and even explosion-protected equipment.

Choose Your Access Control System

Whether you need to secure your perimeter, parking lot, building, or rooms within your building, we have a complete range of access control technology to accommodate you in Mesa. Our team works with you to identify vulnerable areas and review your business objectives in an effort to identify the best access control technologies for your needs.

From simple keycard or fob systems to touchless forms of access control such as facial recognition and Bluetooth, all of our technologies can be used in combination with each other to create an even more secure form of access control.

Surveillance Secure Phoenix also offers electronic gate and turnstile solutions to help you manage crows, parking garages, and so much more. Our gate and turnstile solutions can also be combined with Bluetooth, facial recognition analytics, or license plate recognition technology for a streamlined access control strategy.

Learn More About What We Offer

Surveillance Secure Phoenix also offers vehicle surveillance technology, 24/7 monitoring solutions, gunshot detection technology, and more for your business in Mesa. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your commercial electronic security needs!


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