Vehicle Security

Get GPS tracking, real-time notifications, and comprehensive surveillance for your commercial vehicles with our experts at Surveillance Secure Phoenix.

Your business vehicles are more than just an investment: they’re a representation of your company when they’re on the road. Whether your company is responsible for service calls, moving goods, or transporting people, our team has the vehicle security solutions you need to protect your assets. We work with all types of businesses in the Location1 and Location2 areas to make keeping an eye on your vehicles easy and cost-effective.

How Can Vehicle Security Improve Your Business Operations?

Whether you have one company vehicle or dozens, Surveillance Secure Phoenix can help you leverage the right technology for your vehicle security needs. By monitoring your vehicles, you can:

  • Supervise employee behavior. With vehicle security, you can keep employees accountable with interior and exterior cameras. Record accidents for insurance purposes, monitor your drivers’ activity, and have valuable insight into their driving practices with data. Our vehicle surveillance includes the speed and idling activity of your fleets to keep drivers accountable for their actions when representing your company name on the road. You can also confirm if a vehicle is active after-hours, potentially signaling suspicious activity.
  • Keep accurate records. Whether your employees are visiting a client or delivering goods, you have records of where the vehicle was, how long it was there, when it arrived and left, and have surveillance of the goods delivered or received. With our vehicle security, nothing is left to the imagination. Even if you’re confident in your employees, having this data handy can help you prove accuracy in the event of a disagreement with a customer or the insurance company.

Never guess what your drivers are doing or whether or not they’re misrepresenting your company when traveling from place to place. Our vehicle security solutions help protect your investment into your vehicles, cargo, and your employees for the utmost efficiency. Even if you operate at night, we can help you with technology that records in low-light or even no-light conditions.

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Surveillance Secure Phoenix is your partner in effective vehicle security in Phoenix and Scottsdale. Let us review your objectives and your security risks to discover how we can help you make the most of your vehicle surveillance by contacting us today!


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