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Our dedicated and experienced technicians are always here to answer your questions, make a service call, or walk you through a problem so you’re never without the solutions you need for better security.

When you invest in our technologies at Surveillance Secure Phoenix, you’re also investing in our service. We’re not a commercial security company in Phoenix or Scottsdale that installs your system and leaves. As a full-service agency, we continue to support your system with affordable monthly service plans, which allow us to ensure your technology is always working perfectly and conduct updates as needed.

Our efficient commercial security technology helps reduce your hardware maintenance and the need to spend unnecessarily large amounts when a component breaks. With our services and support, you’ll never be stuck with unpredictable technology costs just to keep your business secure.

Monthly Service and Support You Can Depend On

All security technology needs to be updated and maintained to reliably perform and make it last as long as possible. Without regular service, your systems can become outdated, exposing your business to unnecessary security risks. Should a component fail and go without replacement, your system isn’t functioning at its full capacity and doing its job.

With our monthly support, you won’t have to worry about anything. Our technicians come on-site to:

  • Check your system. We carefully review all components of your system to ensure everything is working as intended with our multi-point checklist.
  • Replace cameras. If there’s an issue with a component that needs to be fixed or replaced, we do so at no extra charge to you to ensure continuous service. This applies whether we identify the issue during our monthly check or a service call.
  • Perform system updates. Our technicians conduct any manufacturer updates to your software that may have been released since our last check, which are essential to remedy any glitches that could compromise your system’s security or function.
  • Respond quickly. Should your issue be able to be fixed remotely, we can help you with remote support. Otherwise, we get a technician out to you as soon as possible to fix the problem, within 24 hours, so you aren’t left with a system or component that’s not working.

Our support alleviates the stress you’d have if you were managing a system yourself or having to keep up with updates and camera replacement. When it comes to your service and support needs for your commercial security technology, Surveillance Secure Phoenix gives you the assurance and expertise you need for a fully efficient and cost-effective surveillance system.

Find Out More About Our Reliable Support Solutions

You’ll never be without the support you need for your commercial surveillance system with our team. We’re here to continue to meet your needs long after your system is installed, because we’re just as invested in your success as you are. Contact us to find out more about our reliable support services for your commercial security in Phoenix and Scottsdale!


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