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Surveillance Secure Phoenix is here to support businesses during public health crises to help keep everyone safer with advanced technology.

Does your security system support your business operations in the event of a pandemic? Industries of all types have struggled to meet public health regulations to keep their business safe in the wake of COVID-19. To stay in compliance and help protect employees and customers during an epidemic, Surveillance Secure Phoenix is there with cutting-edge technology.

We work with thermal cameras to quickly screen people entering your business in Phoenix and Scottsdale for elevated temperature, touch-free access control systems, and intelligent video analytics. Integrated with your surveillance, these additions help reduce the spread of pathogens and encourage best safety practices in a pandemic.

Identify Abnormal Body Temperature With Thermal Cameras

Control who enters your facility based on their temperature readings with our thermal imaging technology. Should a person have an elevated body temperature, the camera reads this without having any contact with the person, identifying people who could potentially need further medical screening. Having an effective way to screen people through their body temperature makes it easy to deny entry to those who may be symptomatic.

Our thermal imaging technology can also be used as a mobile device that mounts to a wall, and everyone accessing the facility can get a quick touch-free temperature check before proceeding. With accurate readings and the ability to scan numerous people at one time, our thermal imaging solutions can also be combined with facial recognition analytics to keep record of people and their temperatures for streamlined access.

Video Analytics to Enforce Social Distancing and Identify Maintenance Needs

In a public health crisis, keeping your distance is a valuable practice for spreading germs. But certain areas such as waiting rooms, entries, and break rooms can be subject to crowding. With intelligent video analytics, you can configure your system to automatically count the number of people in an area. If your maximum number is reached, your system automatically alerts your security team, who can handle the situation appropriately.

Video analytics help conserve your staff’s efforts, especially in a health crisis when many businesses are short-staffed. Instead of having physical security or monitoring in place, the system keeps track for you, helping your business function efficiently while safely enforcing social distancing with technology.

Keeping your facility clean is a challenge when people are constantly in areas and frequently touching surfaces. Fortunately, you can utilize your surveillance system and video analytics to identify the best times for cleaning and maintenance. We can configure your system to count people in specific areas that need more frequent cleaning, such as bathrooms, entries, exits, and dining areas.

Once your specific number of people has been reached, your system will alert your team that it’s time for cleaning. This way, you can not only conserve supplies, but make the most use of your staff’s efforts and protect everyone in your facility.

Touchless Access Control Solutions

Access control is a must regardless of your industry, but many traditional keypad systems that require touching have become a major risk in our modern society. With the help of our Phoenix and Scottsdale touchless access control specialists, we help you replace your older system with a touch-free solution.

For many businesses, your keypad can simply be upgraded instead of being completely replaced, which helps you save money. We offer alternatives to systems that require touching with:

  • Bluetooth. People can simply use their smartphone and swipe it across a reader to gain access. These systems also eliminate the need for you to keep track of physical keys, simplifying your access control solutions and preventing the need for constant cleaning of keypads.
  • Key cards and fobs. These devices can also be swiped and don’t need to be touched to the reader for people to gain access to the building. They’re also more secure than physical keys as they’re difficult to replicate and can simply be deactivated if they’re lost or stolen.
  • Biometric. Our technology allows you to use facial recognition or retina scans to allow entry. These methods of access control can also be combined with Bluetooth or keycard systems for enhanced security.

We can even integrate your touchless access control solutions with automatic door openers, which prevent people from touching door handles or pushing door bars to enter or exit your facility. Without touching any points upon entry, you help make your business a safer place.

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The commercial security experts at Surveillance Secure Phoenix make it possible for your Phoenix or Scottsdale business to operate safely and efficiently in a pandemic. Contact us today to discover more about our affordable, advantageous technology for weathering a public health crisis!


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