Cloud Storage for Security Systems

Highly convenient and scalable, cloud storage gives business owners the flexibility and affordability they need for their video storage in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Video storage can be a challenge for businesses. Having video footage stored on-site is convenient but poses a security risk, while having it stored off-site presented access challenges in the past. Today, cloud storage delivers the best of both worlds—convenience and security. Our team at Surveillance Secure Phoenix gives you the opportunity to manage your video from anywhere with an internet connection with cloud storage.

Flexible cloud storage solutions offer the benefit of reducing the need for hardware at your business location, which keeps your operating costs low. Having your video stored in the cloud also means it’ll be safe from any security incidents or even natural disasters at your site, lowering your liability and ensuring you have reliable video footage no matter what.

The Benefits of Cloud Storage for Businesses

Companies in a variety of industries in Phoenix and Scottsdale can benefit from clould storage. With our technology, you can:

  • Adjust video storage as needed. Our technology makes it easy to increase your storage or scale back, which makes it particularly beneficial to businesses in industries where security regulations are always changing, such as in government, health care, or cannabis industries. No adjustment is needed to your on-site hardware, making it simple to make changes.
  • 24/7 access. Have access to your video footage any time you like with cloud storage, and take advantage of the ability to download your recordings should you need them.
  • Remote management. Cloud solutions allow you to manage your access control system and even use zoom features on cameras. You don’t need to be on-site to watch your world, making your surveillance system a more proactive tool when detecting threats.

Our team makes implementing cloud video storage simple. We fully assess your needs to determine the most beneficial set up for you, and can make cloud storage a simple and cost-effective method for your video storage needs—not to mention secure!

Let’s Discuss Your Cloud Storage Solutions

Contact the commercial security team at Surveillance Secure Phoenix today to discuss your cloud storage needs and how this setup could potentially benefit you and enhance your business’ security!


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