Networked Audio

Add audio capabilities to your surveillance system for even more benefits with our team at Surveillance Secure Phoenix.

Enhance your surveillance system with networked audio for your business in Phoenix or Scottsdale. You can record messages to be played at specific times, make emergency announcements, or even play music with our audio configurations. Live audio gives an added layer of efficiency to your surveillance system, meaning you can respond accordingly to developing situations when required or simply make your business more efficient with prerecorded prompts.

Audio capabilities give you a way to communicate where traditional bells or sirens can’t. Respond as the situation dictates from a safe place, all without needing to have physical security on-site. For many businesses, audio makes all the difference to their surveillance in Phoenix and Scottsdale, and our team at Surveillance Secure Phoenix makes it happen.

How Can Networked Audio Benefit Your Business?

Just as with your surveillance system, the benefits of networked audio extend beyond safety. With audio capabilities, you can:

  • Stop criminals in their tracks. With real-time monitoring and notifications, your surveillance system can notify you in the event of an intruder or suspicious activity. With live audio, you can respond instantaneously and appropriately, stopping criminals in their tracks and preventing a potential incident.
  • Create a safer workplace. Make a safer workplace with enhanced communication via an audio system. You can have prerecorded messages that are triggered when the system identifies gunshots, for example, or smoke or a fire. Or, in the event that you need to make a spontaneous announcement, the system makes it easy to do that too!
  • Decrease losses in retail. Often, missing inventory, theft, and employee misconduct can make losses in retail frustrating. With live audio, you can let people know you see them or issue prompts, reducing the chances that people would follow through with a criminal action.

When you partner with us for your audio needs at Surveillance Secure Phoenix, you get streamlined installation and integration, low maintenance equipment, and a configured system to your exact specifications. Our audio technology can also play tones or music so you can utilize your system in more than just emergencies.

Discover How Audio Can Enhance Your Surveillance System

Let our team review your surveillance needs to determine if you could benefit from audio solutions for your workplace in Phoenix or Scottsdale. With full integration, networking, and support, we make it easy to enhance your surveillance system for the better!


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