Design & Integration

Surveillance Secure Phoenix designs and integrates your surveillance cameras with your access control system for a streamlined experience and better efficiency.

Our process for your system design begins with a risk evaluation and our exhaustive efforts to discover how you can specifically benefit from surveillance technology. We work with clients in many different industries in Phoenix and Scottsdale, including those that already have an existing system in place and just need a few updates.

We also fully integrate your systems, meaning your technologies can work together and be controlled from one interface to provide you with an easy-to-use system that’s cost-effective and secure. With the right technologies, our commercial security professionals help you design a system that meets your objectives for improved safety and efficiency.

Find What’s Most Beneficial to You With Our Risk Assessment

Our team at Surveillance Secure Phoenix carefully assesses your security risks based on your business, location, existing technology, vulnerable areas, and more. Maybe you’ve previously invested in access control or security cameras that once met your needs but now provide minimal protection. Or, maybe you’re a new business that needs a new surveillance system. No matter what your current setup is, we take all elements into account during our risk assessment to identify what systems would be the most beneficial for your business.

The best part is that our technologies are designed to grow with your objectives or adjust to your needs as necessary. We keep this in mind during the design process, such as whether your video storage needs will change over time or your business location expands and needs more cameras. With our commercial security experts, your design and integration process is optimized specifically for you.

Technology That Works Together for Advanced Safety

Our contemporary technologies combined with our experience allows you to leverage invaluable insight for your security system setup. We offer surveillance cameras which can be combined with access control solutions for your business. Our scalable solutions make it easy for you to adjust with time, and with integrated technology, we help close the gaps in your security to make your business a safer place and help you maintain compliance.

Standalone systems are effective at what they do—access control helps ensure only permitted persons enter your building, while surveillance cameras keep an eye on activity. But when combining these systems, you make it easier for the other to do its job. And with intelligent video analytics, you can enhance security and efficiency even more for ultimate safety while reducing burden on your staff.

Let’s Get Started With Your New System

Find out what professional design and integration can do for your commercial security needs in Phoenix and Scottsdale when you work with us at Surveillance Secure Phoenix. Call us to schedule a consultation for our design and integration services!


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