24/7 Monitoring

Don’t stress about constantly monitoring your video: we’ve got you covered at Surveillance Secure Phoenix with 24/7 professional monitoring services.

Investing in the right surveillance system is an excellent way to improve safety and efficiency for your commercial business in Phoenix or Scottsdale. But too often, business owners use cameras for evidence after an incident has already occurred. There’s a more proactive way to manage threats and increase your response time in an emergency or developing situation—24/7 professional monitoring services from our team at Surveillance Secure Phoenix.

Our monitoring solutions mean a trained professional is watching your video feed at all times. Whether there’s suspicious activity, trespassing, theft, or even a fire, we can quickly notify you of the problem while simultaneously calling for help, saving invaluable time in a crisis and keeping your business safe.

Our Monitoring Services Help You Leverage the Full Power of Your Surveillance System

Many businesses don’t have the flexibility to dedicate a staff member to watching their video feed 24/7. Especially for buildings that aren’t staffed around the clock, proper monitoring is a challenge. Fortunately, our monitoring solutions are affordable, efficient, and secure. You can make the most of your surveillance system with active monitoring, giving your staff more time to properly do their jobs and you more time to run your business without worrying about security.

With our live monitoring services in Phoenix and Scottsdale, you can:

  • Have fewer false alarms. Our team can immediately identify a genuine threat and notify your team while calling emergency services if necessary.
  • Increase response time. You can potentially save lives by having someone monitor your feed at all times to proactively respond in the event of a fire, intruder, or another escalating situation.
  • Reduce theft. Instead of having evidence of a theft after the fact, you can prevent it to avoid the hassle of pursuing shoplifters and losses to your business.
  • Free up your time. Have more time to run your business and keep your employees focused on their jobs while we take care of your monitoring needs.
  • Peace of mind. Rest easy knowing you don’t have to constantly watch your commercial property—we do it for you.

Even if you have in-house staff to monitor your feed during your normal business hours, you can take advantage of our services during your off-hours to ensure your feed is monitored at all times to avert or mitigate a crisis.

We Support Your Surveillance Needs in Phoenix and Scottsdale

Let our experienced professionals at Surveillance Secure Phoenix handle your video monitoring needs for the utmost safety and efficiency. Contact us today to discover how our 24/7 monitoring solutions keep your business protected!


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