The security professionals at Surveillance Secure Phoenix provide contemporary surveillance and access control technology for your commercial business in Chandler.

Your business’ security needs go beyond cameras and access control, which is why our team at Surveillance Secure Phoenix provides a complete range of commercial security products and services to meet your needs in Chandler.

From adaptive surveillance cameras to touch-free access control methods and intelligent video analytics, we make it easy to secure your business with economical technology for increased efficiency.

We work with many different types of businesses, from retail shops to school campuses to medical facilities. Our commercial security professionals conduct an exhaustive risk assessment and work with you to address your concerns, identify your goals, and help you meet your objectives with a customized surveillance system based on your budget and timeline.

Surveillance Cameras and Intelligent Analytics

We can work with you to secure your perimeter, job sites, facility, and roadways no matter what your challenges are. Our surveillance cameras include solar-powered, self-sustaining technology to PTZ cameras and covert surveillance equipment.

All of our cameras come with our monthly support service, meaning a technician comes on-site to ensure everything is working properly and to replace any faulty components. With our surveillance equipment, you can also take advantage of remote monitoring and access, which allows you to keep an eye on your business without actually being there.

Surveillance Secure Phoenix also offers intelligent video analytics, which can be incorporated with your surveillance cameras to increase their effectiveness. With analytics such as facial recognition, fire and smoke, and suspicious activity, you can identify concerning events in real-time and take action.

Access Control and More

Our team offers a range of access control solutions depending on your unique needs in Chandler. We provide keycards and fobs as well as Bluetooth and biometric solutions.

When you need access control for your parking areas, we offer motorized gates, and for commercial facilities that have a large number of people entering at one time, our turnstile solutions can help you maximize your access control efforts.

With our access control technology, you can leverage scalable solutions—for instance, you can require two methods of verification for access or scale back down to one as needed. From securing your perimeter to rooms within your building, we design and implement the right access control for your business. Our team can also integrate your access control technology with your surveillance cameras for increased surveillance proficiency.

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For all your commercial security needs in Chandler, from audio networking to IT support to professional installation, Surveillance Secure Phoenix can assist you. Contact our experienced team today to learn more about our services!


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