Surveillance Secure Phoenix services clients in a diverse range of industries, and here we highlight client case studies demonstrating the electronic security systems we delivered for their respective projects.

Reducing Copper Theft for a Scrap Recycling Business in Tempe

Surveillance Secure Phoenix assisted a scrap recycler in Tempe with additional electronic security solutions as the result of increased copper theft. Copper theft is on the rise due to its increased prices from a shortage in supply chains. Scrap recyclers like this client have been seeing more theft of substantial amounts of copper. Fortunately, businesses […]

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Installation of Surveillance Cameras to Operate in High Heat Environment

Surveillance Secure Phoenix assisted a client who had an outdoor company in a remote location. They needed to monitor a wide area with outdoor cameras, but weather-related damage and theft made monitoring with their existing cameras challenging. As the client needed to be able to securely monitor this harsh location remotely—which experienced high heat and […]

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Enhanced Surveillance and Access Control Systems Helps Phoenix Community Address Catalytic Converter Thefts

A residential community in Phoenix recently began experiencing a significant amount of catalytic converter thefts from cars parked in their community lots. The number of catalytic converter thefts has exploded since 2020 due to the value of the precious metals in these car parts. The community wanted to install different cameras to effectively monitor all […]

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wireless locks security arizona

Surveillance Secure Phoenix Provides Added Residential Community Security With Wireless Locks for Pool Gates

Communities need a better way to manage access control and enforce open hours for their pool areas. Most pool gates don’t have power, so wireless lock applications are an excellent option that’s easier and less disruptive to install. This way, it isn’t required that a security guard physically go and lock gates on a daily […]

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cannabis industry security system arizona

Surveillance Secure Serves the Growing Security Needs of the Arizona Cannabis Industry

Surveillance Secure Phoenix has been working with clients in the cannabis industry to help them stay in compliance with state laws and secure their product across its lifecycle. With the recent legalization of recreational cannabis in Arizona, new cannabis operators need surveillance systems that meet Arizona cannabis security regulations. Surveillance also allows them to secure […]

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