Installation of Surveillance Cameras to Operate in High Heat Environment

Surveillance Secure Phoenix assisted a client who had an outdoor company in a remote location. They needed to monitor a wide area with outdoor cameras, but weather-related damage and theft made monitoring with their existing cameras challenging.

As the client needed to be able to securely monitor this harsh location remotely—which experienced high heat and dust—Surveillance Secure needed to provide cameras that could operate efficiently and reliably under these conditions.

Given the lack of on-site power, the cameras also needed to be solar-powered. All of the commercial-grade surveillance cameras Surveillance Secure Phoenix offers can operate effectively in high heat of up to approximately 120 degrees.

In areas that may exceed this temperature, which can happen in manufacturing or production environments, Surveillance Secure can adapt the camera unit with additional housing that will allow the camera to operate efficiently in even higher temperatures.

The client now has a reliable solar-powered camera system to monitor their outdoor areas remotely, even when experiencing high heat and dust, to successfully secure their property.


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