Enhanced Surveillance and Access Control Systems Helps Phoenix Community Address Catalytic Converter Thefts

A residential community in Phoenix recently began experiencing a significant amount of catalytic converter thefts from cars parked in their community lots. The number of catalytic converter thefts has exploded since 2020 due to the value of the precious metals in these car parts.

The community wanted to install different cameras to effectively monitor all of their parking areas, including point-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, which can be programmed to zoom in on motion during certain evening hours to monitor suspicious activity, including potential theft.

Given that the parking areas were wide and the community didn’t have much in way of common areas, the cameras were installed on both light poles and buildings. Surveillance Secure Phoenix connected all the cameras via a dedicated line of site wireless network.

Additionally, the parking areas had two entrances that needed to be secured with access control to support the community’s security objectives. The Surveillance Secure team installed electronic parking barriers with key fob access and license plate recognition cameras at each entrance. This way, the security system could monitor and automatically record all vehicles that entered and exited the community as well as individual activity in the parking lots.

The community is now able to have concrete evidence of catalytic converter thefts and have secure monitoring of all vehicles coming into the community parking areas.

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