Traffic Analytics

Leverage traffic intelligent video analytics for traffic management, patterns, accidents, and much more in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Traffic analytics allow you to use technology to better understand the traffic flow in certain settings. This information can be valuable for roadways that frequently experience traffic jams or accidents, and can also be helpful for private or restricted roadways that need to remain open for essential personnel. With traffic data from analytics installed by our team at Surveillance Secure Phoenix, you can have real-time insight into driver behavior and roadblocks to better manage traffic in a given area.

Features of Our Traffic Analytics for Your Applications

Our traffic analytics software allows you to detect not only the speed and the direction of vehicles, but also any roadblocks or other obstacles, as well as traffic that’s slowing or stopped. By recording this data, you have everything you need to determine the average speed and number of cars in a particular area at a given time.

Traffic analytics are particularly beneficial additions to surveillance cameras for:

Restricted roadways. Should there be an accident or incident that blocks a necessary but restricted roadway, you can immediately respond as your system will identify the incident and notify you accordingly.

Urban settings. For areas where congestion is an issue, you can identify traffic patterns and redirect traffic accordingly with traffic video analytics.

Public transportation. Certain roads need to be kept clear, such as those leading to airports, for buses and carpool lanes, and other settings. Traffic analytics can help you keep necessary roads open and enforce proper use at all times.

For many of our clients in Phoenix and Scottsdale, traffic analytics can be directly incorporated into the existing surveillance system, meaning you won’t need to upgrade your whole system just to take advantage of intelligent video analytics!

Find Out More With a Consultation

Our commercial security professionals at Surveillance Secure Phoenix can help design and integrate the ideal surveillance setup based on your traffic analytic needs. With our real-time solutions, you have valuable data you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more!


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