Suspicious Behavior

Configure your surveillance system to automatically identify and alert your team in the event of unusual or threatening behavior with our suspicious behavior analytics.

When you need to have eyes on your commercial facility at all times, it can get expensive to staff your perimeter 24/7. Why not let technology do the work for you? With suspicious behavior analytics from the security professionals at Surveillance Secure Phoenix, we make it happen. Our team works with commercial businesses in Phoenix and Scottsdale to integrate intelligent video analytics into your existing surveillance system.

Suspicious behavior analytics give you the opportunity to monitor unusual behavior in real-time. By customizing your alerts and programming your system to detect specific actions, we help you actively mitigate potential threats rather than merely reviewing your video after something has already happened.

Why Integrate Suspicious Behavior Analytics Into Your Surveillance System?

Our technology makes it possible for you to make the most of your surveillance cameras with intelligent video analytics. With suspicious behavior software, you reduce false alarms and instead get accurate, reliable detection with real-time notification. If your surveillance system is equipped with audio and lighting, you can even speak to trespassers live or turn on lights to deter loiterers.

Analytics give you an advantage over traditional surveillance systems because they can notify you of which alarm was triggered and when, giving you the opportunity to respond accurately and appropriately. You can even collect data on problem areas to determine if improvements can be made to your perimeter security or if you need more lighting or audio in certain areas.

We’re Your Partner in Commercial Security

As a full-service commercial security agency serving the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas, Surveillance Secure Phoenix works with you to implement intelligent video analytics such as suspicious behavior for the utmost safety and efficiency. Contact our team today to find out more about our solutions!


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