License Plate Recognition

Combine license plate recognition software with your access control to easily identify vehicles and keep accurate records of access to your facility.

Any facility that has a parking lot or garage can benefit from license plate recognition video analytics. Our technology allows you to capture and record license plate numbers in an instant, keeping a reliable database should you need it. Like all of our video analytics, you can customize your alerts to watch out for specific vehicles or even track vehicles as they move throughout your premises.

Surveillance Secure Phoenix works with a variety of facilities in Phoenix and Scottsdale to implement license plate recognition technology as part of their access control and surveillance solutions. From multi-family residential properties to government and school parking lots, we help keep your facility secure with our cutting-edge technology.

What Are the Benefits of License Plate Recognition Technology?

Commercial facilities can take advantage of license plate video analytics for more than just keeping record of which vehicles access their premises. License plate recognition software can:

  • Keep prohibited vehicles out. When you combine license plate recognition with your access control measures—such as automated gates or barriers—you can configure the system to let in approved license plates and deny prohibited or unapproved ones.
  • Record even in low-lighting. You won’t have to have a reliable light source in order for the system to accurately capture license plate numbers, which helps you have accurate records regardless of lighting or weather conditions.
  • Integrate with other databases. You can easily combine license plate recognition software with other databases and search archives based on license plate numbers, time and date stamps, and even the direction the vehicle was heading.
  • Easily adapt. Our software is designed to read license plates even as they change, making your video analytics a lasting part of your surveillance and access control strategies.

License plate recognition technology can even be used for pickup services for businesses who aren’t offering in-person services as a result of COVID-19. So when a person places an order, they can give their license plate number and that vehicle can be verified upon pickup, helping you streamline your pickup process for ultimate efficiency.

Schools can also utilize license plate recognition video analytics to ensure children are being picked up by the appropriate vehicles, which helps keep your students safer. With rapid identification and accurate records for review, this technology offers flexible advantages for a variety of applications.

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