Gunshot Detection

Immediately identify if and where gunshots were fired to respond accordingly with our gunshot detection analytics.

When it comes to gun violence, no facility is safe. Gunshot detection analytics are a valuable addition to any surveillance system to streamline response time and save lives. In cases where an active shooter is present, chaos often ensues as people try to get to safety. Instead of being caught unaware in such a situation, gunshot detection enables your system to process the sound in real-time and dispatch emergency services without delay.

For universities, government facilities, transportation agencies, and other commercial facilities, our team at Surveillance Secure Phoenix works to implement gunshot detection software. Whether you have an in-house security team that you want notified or take advantage of our 24/7 monitoring services, you can help mitigate a crisis and protect your facility in Phoenix or Scottsdale with gunshot detection.

How Gunshot Detection Analytics Make Your Facility Safer

Without audio capabilities, facilities aren’t able to determine when shots have been fired unless the shooter is seen on a surveillance camera. Gunshot detection analytics change that by incorporating audio into your existing surveillance network, especially in areas that may be more at risk to experience shots, such as an entryway, hallways, classrooms, or outside areas.

Our technology gives you the ability to remotely respond to a threat without being on-site. You and your staff can be alerted and respond immediately to help people get to safety after notifying police. We can even configure your system to automatically notify police after shots have been verified.

In many active shooter situations, crucial information such as the shooter’s location, the firearm used, and how many shots have been fired are identified too late. But with gunshot detection analytics, you can have all this information at hand after those first shots are fired, meaning you can use this information to get the situation under control faster.

Stay Ahead in a Crisis With Our Technology

Surveillance Secure Phoenix can install gunshot detection analytics for your indoor or outdoor surveillance to suit your particular needs in Phoenix or Scottsdale. Find out more about how our gunshot detection software can benefit your commercial facilities or school campuses by contacting us to schedule a consultation today!


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