Fire & Smoke Detection

With fire and smoke intelligent video analytics, you can respond immediately to developing incidents and mitigate emergencies to keep everyone safe.

Fire and smoke detection video analytics are an invaluable addition to any surveillance system. Whether you have a multi-family apartment building or a commercial manufacturing facility, fire and smoke detection intelligent video analytics allow you to detect fire and smoke before smoke detectors, giving you the chance to prevent damage to your facility and keep people safe.

You can also prevent your facility from getting damaged by water from sprinklers, as our intelligent video analytics detect smoke and fire before your sprinkler system. At Surveillance Secure Phoenix, we work with all types of commercial facilities to incorporate fire and smoke detection software into their existing surveillance system, or we can design a completely new system for you in Phoenix or Scottsdale.

Respond Immediately to an Emergency

Stay ahead in emergency situations and respond in real-time with our video analytics. Identify where the problem is, whether or not it requires emergency attention, and mitigate damage. You can also reduce false alarms. Too often, smoke detectors notify you of an issue when it’s too late and the fire has already reached a threatening level. Fire and smoke detection analytics allow you to augment your preventative approach to protecting your facility.

By reducing your response time and increasing safety, you reduce your liability and can prevent catastrophic damage that could even threaten lives. Since these analytics have the ability to cover the entire area of your camera, this means smoke won’t need to reach your detectors to signal a threat.

Simple to install and easy to maintain, this software enables you to enjoy better safety with lower maintenance. It also makes a great option for manufacturing facilities when dust or dirt can sometimes trigger false alarms or impact smoke detection systems.

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All types of facilities in Phoenix and Scottsdale can take advantage of fire and smoke intelligent video analytics to make their property safer. Contact us at Surveillance Secure Phoenix today to learn more about our intelligent video analytics for your surveillance system!


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