Facial Recognition & Capture

Rapidly identify anyone attempting to enter your facility with our cutting-edge facial recognition video analytics.

Surveillance Secure Phoenix works with commercial businesses to implement facial recognition video analytics. We can incorporate this software directly into your current surveillance system, or include it when designing a completely new setup for your Phoenix or Scottsdale business.

Facial recognition capabilities allow you to quickly identify people entering your business, recording their features and remembering them for future identification. This software isn’t just for detecting people who may be a threat to your facility—it simplifies access control by recognizing your employees or residents in an instant.

Benefits of Facial Recognition Video Analytics

Many types of commercial facilities can benefit from facial recognition video analytics, including transportation agencies, workplaces, schools, and banks. We can even combine your facial recognition with other technologies such as thermal imaging solutions to detect potentially symptomatic visitors for access control. With our solutions, you have a comprehensive way to keep your business safer.

Advantages of our facial recognition technology include:

  • Rapid identification. Our software has the ability to recognize faces even at busy entry points. We can implement the technology to cover all your entryways for a comprehensive solution. With rapid identification, facial recognition is an advantageous setup for real-time surveillance and response time.
  • Accurate records. Facial recognition and capture software keeps records of all faces identified and recorded into your system. You can access logs with just a click to search specific areas or faces for particular people.
  • Customizable solutions. We can help you configure your system to watch out for certain individuals or to leverage your facial recognition software to its full advantage when combined with other analytics such as suspicious behavior or POS transaction monitoring.

Surveillance Secure Phoenix is a full-service commercial security agency providing facial recognition technology for your cameras and access control needs in Phoenix and Scottsdale. With our expertise, we design and implement the best system for your particular business.

Upgrade Your Surveillance Systems Today

When it comes to your business, leveraging the right solutions for your security makes all the difference. Our cost-effective, cutting-edge technology at Surveillance Secure Phoenix makes it easy to implement the right system for your particular needs. Contact us today to find out more about how facial recognition and capture video analytics can make your place of business safer and more efficient!


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