Character Recognition

Integrate character recognition video analytics into your existing surveillance system to track and record shipments for the utmost speed and accuracy.

Surveillance Secure Phoenix works with businesses in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas to implement character recognition into their surveillance cameras. These intelligent video analytics can identify characters for verification, and can keep records of all characters so you can track shipments and search your system for dates and times if needed.

Our software can capture and identify characters and numbers on many different types of containers, so you’re not limited when investing in our technology. You can also zoom in on images and configure lists to approve certain characters, deny ones with errors, or alert you to any unusual activity or recordings.

We can even integrate your character recognition analytics with your access control system. This allows you to read characters and approve or deny access based on verification. You’ll also automatically have a database with images and date and time logs for each container number. This allows your business to keep accurate records to review in the event of an incident or to catch problems as they happen.

You can keep track of your inventory by accounting for all your containers with our character recognition analytics. Get notifications should a number not match up or another number is missing. Surveillance Secure Phoenix works closely with you to design the best system for your needs and support your goals to reduce loss and maintain accurate records.

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