Our intelligent video analytics give you the ability to fully leverage your surveillance technology for enhanced safety.

Video analytics consist of software that’s directly integrated with your surveillance cameras to detect events in real-time. Instead of having a recording after the fact, which still can deliver valuable evidence, you can analyze your video as it’s recording, which can be an invaluable asset when detecting emergencies.

Our intelligent video analytics give you the flexibility to customize your alerts by configuring your system to alert you in the event of a specific action. Business owners in Phoenix and Scottsdale use video analytics to help prevent emergencies instead of merely having video evidence after an incident has already occurred.

Customizable Solutions Based on Your Needs

Surveillance Secure Phoenix works with you to assess your risks and identify your goals for your surveillance system to determine if video analytics could benefit you. In most cases, we can integrate your video analytics with your existing surveillance system, or, we can upgrade your entire system if you need a new design and technology. We work with businesses in a variety of industries to help them make the most of their surveillance systems even when operating on a budget.

Our video analytic software includes:

Facial Recognition & Capture

Ideal for a variety of uses, especially when combined with other surveillance and access control technology, facial recognition “reads” faces for specific features and records data, which makes identifying people entering your facility easy and secure.

Gunshot Detection

Combining audio analytics with your video surveillance system gives you the ability to detect gunshots, including the type of gun used and an approximate location of the shooter for rapid response to a developing situation.

Loitering & Suspicious Behavior

Specify alerts based on specific actions with our loitering and suspicious behavior analytics. You can even combine your analytics with audio capabilities to deter trespassers or potentially suspicious activity when it’s needed most.

POS Transaction Monitoring

Always keep an eye on transactions at your business to identify employee or customer misconduct, including theft. POS transaction analytics provide invaluable evidence and feedback for retail locations to prevent losses.

License Plate Recognition

Identifying vehicles is easy with license plate recognition, which captures and records license plates of vehicles entering your property. These analytics can also be used in conjunction with automatic gates to streamline your access control solutions.

Traffic Analytics

Analyze traffic flow and become instantly aware of incidents or accidents that require prompt attention. Ideal for private roadways or areas where roads need to be kept clear, our traffic analytics are beneficial for a variety of clients.

Character & Code Recognition

Easily identify cargo with character and code recognition analytics, which speed up your operations and minimize error in your Phoenix or Scottsdale business. You can also retain an accurate log of all characters with timestamps for valuable records.

Fire & Smoke Detection

Quickly detect smoke and fire sources at your business or manufacturing facility, accelerating your response time and mitigating a crisis. The system alerts you when there’s smoke or fire, allowing you to respond rapidly.


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