Perimeter Controls & Sensors

Always keep a close eye on your perimeter with cutting-edge perimeter controls and sensors from our security professionals at Surveillance Secure Phoenix.

Securing your facility with the right surveillance cameras and access control systems certainly goes a long way towards keeping your business safe. However, for many commercial industries, it’s not enough. That’s why our team at Surveillance Secure Phoenix offers discreet perimeter controls and sensors for businesses in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Our technologies are designed to be invisible to intruders and notify you in real-time of any violations. We use ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, which helps us not only minimize false alarms when monitoring your perimeter, but to also create a tamper-resistant system for simplified security.

Let Nothing Stand in Your Way When Securing Your Perimeter

Natural barriers in addition to walls and ceilings are normally a challenge for businesses needing to secure their perimeter with sensors. However, with our UWB technology, your perimeter control system can “see” through anything that stands in its way to detect motion. The system also reads how far away an intruder is and their size, meaning the system won’t trigger an alarm for very small trespassers such as animals.

You also won’t be dependent on good lighting to keep your perimeter secure. With our sensors, you don’t need proper lighting to detect movement, and weather conditions don’t affect the readings for the utmost accuracy. Our team works to inconspicuously install the sensors, minimizing the chances that any violators would even notice them, let alone tamper with them.

Experience to Secure Even Your Most Challenging Perimeters

Today, many facilities need perimeter security for ultimate protection. Perimeter controls and sensors allow you to be proactive about your security by detecting threats even before they have a chance to get close to your facility. With our innovative technology, you can help prevent threats to your property and protect your staff.

Our commercial security professionals are experienced in working with facilities that are both local and remote. Whether you have a historic building in Phoenix or a government building in Scottsdale, we can help you secure your property without having to constantly staff your site. With real-time notifications, you’re always in-the-know about what’s happening at your facility.

Could Your Business Benefit From Perimeter Controls and Sensors?

Find out by scheduling a consultation with us at Surveillance Secure Phoenix. Our perimeter controls and sensors help you take a proactive approach to your security, stay in compliance, and gain invaluable insight regardless of lighting or weather conditions. Contact us today to learn more!


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