Keycard & Keyfob Systems

With keycard and key fob access control, you have a simplified solution to control entry to your facility in Phoenix or Scottsdale.

Surveillance Secure Phoenix offers keycard and key fob access control to effectively restrict access to your commercial facility. From securing all entry points to areas within your facility that contain sensitive equipment, inventory, or cash, we help you customize the right system for your needs in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Keycards and fobs are simply swiped in front of a scanner, which “reads” the key and unlocks the door if the key is correct. These systems offer a touchless form of access control, meaning people attempting entry won’t need to touch a keypad to gain entry, eliminating places where bacteria can accumulate in your facility.

Advantages of Keycards and Key Fobs for Your Access Control

As one of the most convenient and simple methods of access control, keycards and fobs offer:

  • Better security. These “keys” offer enhanced security than traditional keys, which can be copied or stolen. With keycards and fobs, each one is programmable to a specific person, so should one ever be lost or stolen, it can’t be copied, and management can simply deactivate the key, making it useless to anyone who finds it.
  • Custom programming. You have the ability to set time limits on keycards and fobs based on an employee’s hours or management level. So while managers may have 24/7 access to a facility, you can restrict an employee’s keycard to normal business hours.
  • Ability to combine methods. Use keycards or key fobs in combination with our other access control methods for advanced security, such as keycards and biometric solutions via facial recognition technology.
  • Keep records of employee access. With keycards and fobs, you’ll have an accurate record of which people accessed the facility at which times, which can be helpful when reviewing incidents or identifying suspicious activity.
  • Affordable security. Keycards and key fobs are two of the more affordable access control systems, allowing you to secure your business even while on a budget.

By integrating your keycard or key fob system with your surveillance system, you can advance your security even more by having a visual log of access in addition to a digital one.

Are Keycards and Fobs Right for You?

When securing your commercial facility in Phoenix and Scottsdale, having the right access control system makes all the difference. Contact us at Surveillance Secure Phoenix today to find out more about our keycard and key fob systems and if they could benefit your particular business!


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