Gates & Turnstiles

Surveillance Secure Phoenix offers commercial gate and barrier systems for your business in Phoenix or Scottsdale.

Our commercial security experts sell and install commercial gate systems to keep your facility even more secure. We can design, install, and service your electronic and motorized gates, including any corresponding video and telephone systems so people can safely gain access without compromising your security.

Taking your unique location and security concerns into account, our professionals work with you to design the best system for your needs. We work with a range of clients in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas to secure their perimeter and exercise control over the vehicles that access their facility’s grounds. In addition to our commercial clients, we also work with residential buildings to implement successful gate solutions for the utmost security.

Flexible Turnstile Solutions for Secure Entry and Exit

For many commercial facilities, turnstiles are an excellent way to meet access control needs. Affordable and reliable for many different industries, you can combine turnstile systems with your other access control methods, including keycards and fobs or biometric access control.

Whether you have existing technology or need a completely new system, our commercial security professionals can help you configure your turnstiles and integrate your systems for a comprehensive security solution. For example, we can incorporate your security cameras and existing access control methods with turnstiles.

Turnstiles also give you the opportunity to collect important data when people enter your facility, such as how many people are coming in, who is accessing your business and when, and knowing how many people are in the building at any given time.

Rotating Turnstiles to Accommodate Large Crowds

Rotating Arm Turnstile System Phoenix AZWe also work with rotating turnstile entry systems which use three arms that move. These are easier for buildings that handle larger crowds such as campuses or event venues that need to accommodate many people at one time.

Our three-arm rotating turnstiles allow you to make the most of your security efforts by combining these systems with access control or having physical security on-site to ensure compliance.

Whether you’re looking for contactless authentication or dual-authentication, we can customize your turnstile system based on your needs and in your choice of housing and finish to complete your facility’s look.

Pair Your Turnstile With Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth Turnstile Entry SystemBluetooth access control solutions are highly convenient and secure, and combining this system with your turnstile can help you make the most of your access control solutions. Your employees or visitors simply use their phone at the turnstile station, which the Bluetooth technology “reads” and then opens based on their credentials.

This system works for both entries and exits, and once the person passes through, the turnstile will automatically close and lock, helping you prevent more people from getting through at one time. Bluetooth is an attractive solution for commercial business owners looking for safer ways to use turnstiles, as it allows a touchless solution while supporting your security goals.

Utilize Biometric Access Control With Turnstiles

Biometric Turnstile InstallationBiometric authentication is one of the most secure ways to control access to your facility and also offers the opportunity for touchless access control solutions. You can combine biometric access control with your turnstiles to add an extra layer of security and ensure that keycards won’t be shared among people. With biometrics, it’s impossible to fake a face or fingerprint, giving you one of the highest levels of security possible.

Our biometric access control solutions include facial recognition technology as well as fingerprint and iris scans. We can help you customize your biometric access control to include a single method or a combination of methods to use with your turnstile. With contactless biometric access control such as facial recognition technology, you can help reduce the spread of germs and potential contamination at your facility.

Vehicle Barriers to Keep Unauthorized Vehicles Out

Automatic Electronic Vehicle BarrierSurveillance Secure Phoenix works with both automatic and electronic vehicle barriers, which work with parking garages, parking lots, residential communities, and industrial businesses to help keep unauthorized vehicles from coming onto your premises. Should you need audio and video systems with your gates, we can install those in addition to card readers, license plate recognition technology, and keypads to authenticate entry.

As an integral part of many access control systems, our entry gates are professional-grade and designed for your specific needs, including how many vehicles access your facility as well as their size and speed. We work with you to customize a wholly secure gate solution that promotes traffic flow for your facility in Phoenix and Scottsdale!

Work With Us for Your Gate and Turnstile Needs

Our commercial systems make it simple to secure your facility. From gates and turnstiles to barriers that keep people and vehicles out, our solutions are cost-effective and secure. Contact us today to find out more about our gate and turnstile systems and how they can benefit your particular business!


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