Bluetooth Access Control

Upgrade your access control to touchless Bluetooth readers for your business in Phoenix or Scottsdale.

When you want a simplified way for people to access your facility, Bluetooth access control could be the best choice for you. Instead of having to keep track of keycards and fobs, Bluetooth allows people to simply use their smartphone to gain entry. There’s no need for your employees to keep track of another key or device, and with Bluetooth, you won’t have a keypad that people have to constantly touch, helping reduce your cleaning efforts while keeping your facility safer and more hygienic.

Surveillance Secure Phoenix works with businesses including health care facilities, warehouses, retail offices, and many more locations to implement successful Bluetooth access control solutions. Bluetooth can also be combined with other access control methods such as biometric access control should you need a higher level of security.

What Are the Benefits of Bluetooth Access Control?

Using smartphones for your access control has a range of benefits. In addition to dual-authentication capabilities, Bluetooth access control is:

  • Convenient to manage. No more programming key fobs and cards or keeping track of lost keys. People are less likely to lose their phone than they are to lose a keycard that they don’t use all day every day.Touchless Security Solutions
  • Secure. If you use an app for your employees to access your building, the person would need to unlock their phone to access the app. This creates a higher level of security because even if their phone gets stolen, that person would have to have the phone’s password to gain access to your facility.
  • More hygienic. As a contactless form of access control, the person attempting to gain entry doesn’t need to actually touch their device to the reader. Combined with an automatic door system, this means at no point during the entry process will your visitors or employees have to touch anything, which means less cleaning for your staff.
  • Simple. You won’t need to program new keys or have your new team member wait to gain access to the building while their key fob is programmed and delivered. Instead, they can instantly gain access using their smartphone, easing their transition into your workplace.

Bluetooth access control gives you a flexible, scalable, and streamlined solution for your commercial access control needs in Phoenix and Scottsdale!

Let Us Help You Implement Bluetooth Access Control for Your Facility

The commercial security professionals at Surveillance Secure Phoenix can help you find the best access control solution or combination of solutions for your needs. If you’re considering Bluetooth access control, find out more about the potential benefits of this technology for your facility. Contact us today!


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