Biometric Access Control

For superior security and innovative access control, our biometric systems offer a way for you to better secure your facility.

Whether you’re looking for fingerprint scanners or need touch-free access control solutions, biometrics could be the solution for you. Our team at Surveillance Secure Phoenix can upgrade your current access control system or design a completely new system based on your needs. We work with clients in a range of industries in Phoenix and Scottsdale to design and implement effective biometric access control technology.

For when you need a more advanced level of security than a keycard provides, we feature facial recognition technology, iris scans and fingerprint scans for your biometric access control solutions. Biometrics can work as a standalone access control system or be combined with one of our other technologies for an even more secure arrangement.

Features of Our Biometric Access Control Solutions

Our biometric access control measures are fully customizable based on your needs. You can even program your access control system to feature time restrictions for individuals to access your building or a specific area within your building. This way, the system automatically detects if someone attempts to access restricted areas after-hours.

With facial recognition technology, you have a streamlined way to authenticate visitors without worrying about keeping track of keycards or constantly cleaning fingerprint-scanning terminals. By recognizing unique features of each person’s face, individuals are allowed access. People can’t fake faces to gain access to your facility, and with a simple scan, people can go about their business.

Biometric access control technologies are designed to be convenient and highly accurate. Our solutions are scalable, user-friendly, cost-effective, and, at their core, secure. Whether you have a government or transportation agency, biometric are quickly becoming the standard for cutting-edge access control needs.

Take Advantage of Dual-Authentication for Maximum Security

One of the best features of biometric access control is the ability to combine other technologies with them. You can require fingerprint scans and iris scans for an individual to gain access, or, utilize facial recognition technology with a passcode or Bluetooth access control method. Should you decide you only need one method of access control, it’s easy to revert back to a single method for entry, but you can also utilize two or more methods when you need to.

Facial recognition technology is also an excellent method of access control to combine with thermal cameras, especially in the wake of COVID-19. Your cameras can read a person’s body temperature simply by scanning their face, while your facial recognition software reads their face for access. Should their identity pass the test but their temperature be elevated, it gives you a chance to deter this individual from entering your building if they’re potentially symptomatic.

Considering Biometric Access Control? We Can Help!

Surveillance Secure Phoenix is your partner in commercial biometric access control solutions. When you need uncompromising security for your commercial business in Phoenix or Scottsdale, contact our security professionals today to find out more about how biometrics can enhance your facility’s safety!


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