Access Control

Our access control solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs, secure your perimeter, and restrict access to sensitive areas.

Access control is a necessity for businesses in all industries today. Whether you need to secure your main entries or have rooms within your building that you need to protect, we can help you find the perfect access control system at Surveillance Secure Phoenix.

When you work with our commercial security professionals for your access control needs, you have the ability to customize a system based on your requirements. You can combine two or more methods of access control, integrate analytics such as facial recognition technology, and even utilize thermal imaging to ensure the utmost safety for your facility.

Our team works with health care facilities, schools, commercial warehouses, offices, and cannabis dispensaries to secure their premises with contemporary access control technology. We also feature integration services for when you need to combine your access control system with your surveillance system. With our technology, it’s easy to upgrade and adjust your access control system as needed.

We offer the following methods of access control for your facility in Phoenix and Scottsdale:

Keycard & Key Fob

More secure, convenient, and customizable than traditional key systems, keycard and key fob access control allows you to restrict exterior entrances as well as particular areas within your facility.

Biometric Access Control

For an added layer of security, our biometric access control solutions include fingerprint readers, retina scans, and facial recognition technology to ensure only authorized personnel gain access to your most sensitive areas.

Perimeter Controls & Sensors

When you need to effectively monitor your perimeter, we offer surveillance cameras, thermal imaging, and invisible fences which all work to notify you in real-time of trespassers and reduce false alarms.

Bluetooth Enabled Access Control

For a touch-free access control solution, Bluetooth allows people to simply scan their mobile device to enter a facility—no keys to keep track of and no touchpad to harbor germs.

Electronic Gates & Parking Barriers

We provide gate and turnstile solutions which can be combined with other methods of access control for enhanced security.


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