Educational facilities of all levels can no longer go without security. Surveillance Secure Phoenix helps you design and integrate the system that makes the most sense for your campus.

The unfortunate reality is that schools ranging from preschool to university level have been subject to unprecedented violence and threats that require advanced security. No one wants to realize after the fact that they could have done more to keep students and staff safe. Fortunately, with our expertise and contemporary technology, Surveillance Secure Phoenix can help.

Our team works with preschools and elementary schools all the way to high schools and colleges to meet their security needs in Phoenix and Scottsdale. With electronic security designed specifically for your school’s needs, you enhance safety and protect both students and staff. Our diverse range of technology makes it easier to increase response time and mitigate incidents in an emergency for a safer environment.

Public Health Measures for Advanced Safety

As schools of all levels continue to face uncertainty in the face of COVID-19, we help educational facilities implement measures to make returning to school possible. From thermal imaging solutions, which instantly read temperatures with touch-free technology, to people-counting software to enforce social distancing, we help make school a safer place as we continue to navigate a post-COVID educational system. We also offer touch-free access control systems to make accessing your educational campus easy and secure for staff and students to reduce the spread of pathogens on touchpads and keyed systems.

Access Control and Surveillance Technology for an Integrated Approach

Our access control systems can work as standalone systems or can be combined for an enhanced level of security. For example, combined keycard systems with facial recognition technology, or Bluetooth readers with a passcode. We also offer gate and barrier systems for your school’s parking lot, reducing the chances that unauthorized visitors would have the opportunity to trespass.

Your access control system can also be incorporated with your surveillance system, which we design based on your unique requirements as well your budget. All of our systems are designed to work together with an easy-to-use interface, ensuring that your security team and staff can easily utilize the system for school safety.

Intelligent Analytics to Circumvent Crises

Surveillance Secure Phoenix offers intelligent video analytics that can often be directly incorporated into your existing surveillance system. Our intelligent analytics make it easier to identify threats, saving you crucial time in an emergency. From gunshot detection to fire and smoke identification, we help you design a system where life-threatening activity is immediately identified so you can react accordingly. Our analytics software also includes license plate recognition technology and suspicious behavior identification. With our help, we make it easy to make your school a safer place in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Make Your Campus a Safer Place

The right security features are more than selling points to parents considering your educational institution: they can save lives in a crisis and make your entire educational community a safer place. Contact us at Surveillance Secure Phoenix to learn more about our security solutions for your college, university, private school, and more!


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