Retirement Homes

The right surveillance system is a must for retirement facilities in Phoenix and Scottsdale that experience daily challenges with keeping residents safe and staff accountable.

Many retirement communities function as long-term care facilities, while some operate as a way for seniors to live independently in communities. Residents at senior living homes need to feel safe, and contemporary electronic security technology can deliver peace of mind that your building, staff, residents, and visitors are accounted for.

At Surveillance Secure Phoenix, we work with retirement homes and communities to design customized surveillance and access control systems. Our solutions help ensure your residents receive the best care while family members are reassured that their loved ones are safe. From meeting compliance to improving your incident response time, we have the technology you need to make your retirement home more secure for everyone.

Helping You Overcome Your Challenges While Protecting Privacy

Retirement communities, whether they feature independent living or assisted living, need to provide safe places for their residents. However, protecting privacy is also a concern. Seniors deserve to be able to age with dignity in retirement facilities in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

That’s why we offer thermal imaging solutions, which allows your team to verify patients’ wellbeing without seeing detail. Thermal imaging is ideal for patients who are at high risk for falls or wandering, and allows staff to see if patients are in their rooms.

Abuse, assault, theft, and wandering are just a few of the concerns nursing homes deal with on a daily basis. With staff handling many different responsibilities in these care facilities, it can be challenging to consistently monitor residents and other staff members. The solution? Professional 24/7 monitoring services from our team at Surveillance Secure Phoenix.

Instead of assigning your workforce to watch video feed when they have hands-on tasks to complete, we have a trained set of eyes watching at all times. Whether one of your residents experiences a fall, your facility catches fire, or a visit gets violent, we can immediately respond so you can focus on dealing with the crisis at hand until help arrives.

Contemporary Access Control Solutions

Access control not only prevents unauthorized entry, but unauthorized exits. In cases where a resident may wander or need cognitive support, keeping doors locked is a safety issue. Fortunately, our contemporary access control solutions make it easy for you to secure entries and exits as well as any rooms within your community that only staff should access.

Our access control methods range from keycard and key fob systems to Bluetooth and biometric access control. With touch-free access control options, you help reduce the spread of germs on commonly-used keypads in the community. We also offer touchless temperature readings, helping you screen those entering your facility for potential symptoms.

We can combine your access and surveillance control measures for enhanced security with easy management. All of our equipment comes with a monthly support package, meaning your system will be up and running at all times. Our support means you won’t ever have to wonder what to do should an issue arise—we’re there for you!

Is Your Retirement Community Secure?

When safety is of the utmost importance, investing in the right technology can support your goals. Let us design a customized surveillance and access control system based on your exact needs at Surveillance Secure Phoenix. Contact us today for a consultation and assessment of your facility’s risks in Phoenix or Scottsdale!


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