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Our team secures your health care facility with cost-effective technology, helping you overcome your surveillance and access control challenges for enhanced safety.

Clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and even hospices in Phoenix and Scottsdale all provide necessary care for patients. Many of these practices never close their doors, handling patients, visitors, and emergencies at all hours. This makes access control challenging, and creates a unique environment where security can quickly become compromised. At Surveillance Secure Phoenix, our team is experienced in helping health care facilities from public hospitals to private clinics leverage the right technology for their security needs.

Issues Medical Facilities Commonly Face

At a hospital or another type of care facility, there are many people going in and out. Nurses, doctors, staff, volunteers, cleaning crews, visitors, and patients are just a few of the people accessing these facilities. With such an influx of traffic, security is challenging to say the least. Health care buildings in Phoenix and Scottsdale frequently experience:

  • Unauthorized visitor access
  • Violence or threats of violence against hospital personnel
  • Missing patients or children
  • Car break-ins
  • Abductions
  • Supply theft

Management often struggles to overcome these issues while at the same time giving patients the privacy they need and deserve while receiving care. When you work with us at Surveillance Secure Phoenix, you gain access to industry expertise along with contemporary surveillance solutions to help you make your health care practice a safer place.

Solutions We Offer to Enhance Your Security

We’re a full-service commercial security agency helping you meet your goals for your medical facility. From surveillance cameras to touch-free thermal imaging solutions for taking body temperature, we help you implement the best solutions for your particular needs.

Your priority is providing the best care to your patients, but you also want to protect your staff and your assets. With our intelligent analytics, including fire and smoke detection, facial recognition, and gunshot detection, we identify your challenges and vulnerabilities, then create a plan to address them.

It pays to be proactive about your surveillance solutions—why invest in a system that only allows you to view incidents after they occur? With our real-time technology and remote viewing capabilities, we make it easier than ever for your security team to stay on top of developing incidents. This also reduces the need for physical security personnel to be everywhere at once, reducing your staff’s workload and their risk for exposure to COVID-19.

Singular and Combination Access Control Systems for Your Premises

In facilities where doors never close, access control is just as important but still presents a challenge. Maintaining control of your building’s entries and exits helps reduce your risk of unauthorized visitors or wandering patients. We can also help you secure areas containing sensitive equipment, medical supplies, or medication that present a liability for your practice.

Our team identifies all areas that could benefit from access control and work with you to design and implement the best system for your needs in Phoenix or Scottsdale. We offer:

  • Biometric access control, including fingerprint and retina scans
  • Facial recognition analytics for your access control
  • Bluetooth access control, where staff can gain access using their smartphone
  • Traditional keycard and key fob systems
  • Electric and motorized gates, along with video and telephone intercoms

If you need an advanced level of security, especially for certain areas within your facility, you have the option of using a combination of access control systems. All of our access control solutions are designed to make access simple for authorized personnel while keeping out unapproved visitors.

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From the design and installation system to supporting your technology throughout its life, you can depend on us at Surveillance Secure Phoenix for all your health care facility’s surveillance needs. Let us help you create a safer environment for your staff, visitors, and patients: contact us today to schedule a consultation!


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