Surveillance Secure Phoenix works closely with government agencies at all levels to design proactive surveillance measures for advanced safety.

Government agencies at the state, local, and federal levels need security they can depend on. From proactively detecting potential emergencies to preventing unauthorized access, our team at Surveillance Secure Phoenix has the technology and expertise you need to overcome your surveillance challenges and create a safer environment for everyone.

Whether your government facility is located in a high-crime area or you need to protect politicians and other public figures, we can help. Our contemporary technology includes more than security cameras and access control systems: we offer intelligent analytics, public health solutions, and perimeter controls to meet your needs.

We’re Equipped to Meet Your Facility’s Challenges

The commercial security professionals at Surveillance Secure Phoenix are experienced at working with a variety of government buildings in Phoenix and Scottsdale to overcome their security vulnerabilities. We help you leverage the right technology for:

  • Jails, prisons, courthouses, and detention centers
  • Police and fire departments
  • Recreational parks, both national and local
  • Transportation facilities such as bus stations and airports
  • Water treatment facilities
  • And more!

Each facility has its own security concerns based on its location, clientele, previous threats or incidents, and entries and exits. When you work with our team, we meet with you to review all of your concerns and make recommendations for a comprehensive, integrated system to make your government building safer.

Comprehensive Access Control and Surveillance Solutions

Our technology is designed to be fully integrated, meaning you can utilize your surveillance cameras and access control system from one interface for a unified approach to security. We help you implement the right security cameras, take advantage of intelligent analytics should you need them, and design an effective access control system.

We also offer public health solutions for your government building to help in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our thermal imaging technology features touchless temperature readings, allowing you to screen people for potential symptoms prior to entry, and our camera analytics notify your security team if too many people are in one space.

For your access control measures, we also offer touchless access control methods to reduce the spread of germs and simplify safety, including Bluetooth and facial recognition technology. We’re a full-service security agency helping you address all your government facility’s surveillance objectives!

Let Us Help You Implement the Best Approach for Your Security Objectives

Is your government agency as secure as it could be? Don’t be caught unprepared with outdated technology or ineffective solutions. Contact us at Surveillance Secure Phoenix to find out more about how we can help you maximize your approach to security for your government building in Phoenix or Scottsdale!


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