We’re experienced in helping cannabis growers and retailers monitor their product throughout its lifecycle, helping you reduce your losses and gain compliance.

Federal and state law requires cannabis dispensaries to have security in place to protect their product. When investing in a security system, choose a full-service agency that has experience helping both growers and retailers design, install, and support the right technology for their needs. At Surveillance Secure Phoenix, we make it possible to monitor your product from seed to sale to obtain compliance and keep your business profitable in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Always Up and Running Surveillance

Most states require cannabis growers to have 24/7 surveillance of their product and to retain video footage for a minimum number of days. What this means is that your cameras always need to be up and running to meet compliance, but you also need to have cost-effective video storage solutions. Surveillance Secure Phoenix offers cloud storage for ultimate security and flexibility so you have access to your footage at any time without retaining footage on-site, which is an added security risk.

We also offer intelligent analytics for your surveillance system, such as facial recognition technology, fire and smoke detection, suspicious behavior identification, and more. When designed with an experienced team, security cameras don’t just offer the benefit of having evidence after an incident—they function as preventative measures to stop theft, vandalism, and missing product.

Transportation Security for Your Vehicles

Transportation is one of the areas that cannabis dispensaries struggle to properly monitor. Keeping an eye on cannabis plants in a growhouse or at a retail location is one thing, but monitoring your product in-transport is another. That’s why we offer full vehicle security to ensure the safety of your product from Point A to Point B.

We offer state-of-the-art cameras for both inside and outside your vehicles as well as GPS tracking, speed monitoring, and even nighttime monitoring for after-hours transportation. With direct notifications of departure, arrival, and idling, you can customize alerts based on your specific concerns to verify your product’s path to its next destination.

Scalable Systems to Grow With You

Cannabis retailers need scalable surveillance solutions. This rapidly-growing industry is always changing, and federal and state laws continue to update required security practices for the cannabis industry. Why invest in a system that can’t grow with you? When you work with us at Surveillance Secure Phoenix to design, install, and support your system, we make it simple to grow or scale back your surveillance solutions as needed.

Our contemporary technology makes it easy to add new cameras, take away cameras, upgrade to more storage, or minimize on-site hardware to reduce liability when needed. No matter what your needs are, you can trust our experienced commercial security professionals to help you make the right decisions to both meet compliance and protect your assets in Phoenix and Scottsdale, as Surveillance Secure has done for cannabis operators throughout the country, including in Colorado, New Jersey and Maryland.

Let Us Help With Your Cannabis Security

Whether you have an existing system you want to add intelligent analytics to or need to upgrade to a completely new surveillance setup, let us assist with your cannabis security. Contact us at Surveillance Secure Phoenix today to find out more about how we can help!


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