We work with a diverse range of industries to meet their surveillance and security needs for the greatest impact.

While some businesses share similar security challenges, many have their own unique concerns and vulnerabilities based on their location, operations, and inventory. Fortunately, with modern commercial surveillance systems tailored specifically for you, you can overcome your security vulnerabilities and enjoy enhanced safety and reduced liability. Our experience spans across the following industries to meet your unique challenges.

Health Care

Few facilities face challenges the way that health care practices do. From hospitals to private clinics and surgical centers, medical care services have to protect patients, staff, and visitors. Hospitals need to protect the privacy of their patients while also keeping their premises secure for staff and visitors. Our team delivers customized solutions for your health care facility with these challenges in mind.


Leveraging the right surveillance technology for your retail business gives you the ability to keep an eye on staff, monitor customer traffic, and benefit from point-of-sale (POS) transaction monitoring. With our solutions, including appropriate access control methods, you have the ability to protect your team and your customers with adaptive surveillance technology designed for your specific concerns.


Educational facilities of all levels are facing unprecedented threats today. From COVID-19 challenges to violence and abduction, securing your campus has never been more important. We work with preschools, elementary, middle, and high schools as well as college campuses to implement touch-free body temperature solutions, gunshot detection, access control systems, and surveillance cameras to meet your safety needs.


Government agencies face threats that require proactive surveillance solutions such as intelligent analytics and advanced access control. We work with your particular government facility to implement the right technology to prevent emergencies with real-time monitoring capabilities. With our support, your system will remain a cost-effective asset to protect your premises.

Religious Institutions

Churches, mosques, and synagogues are increasingly requiring surveillance technology that was once unnecessary. As places of worship and religious facilities face increasing violence, protecting your staff, students, and congregation is a priority. With the right technology, we help religious institutions implement cost-effective solutions to protect their properties and prevent vandalism and violence.


Damage from the elements is a prime concern for ports and marinas. These locations also face unique security challenges, from cargo theft to violence and vandalism. Daily surveillance is a must for ports and marinas and can not only help prevent crises, but provide invaluable evidence for law enforcement. We help your port and marina leverage weather-resistant, self-sustaining units for ultimate efficiency.

Retirement Homes

Our team helps retirement communities protect patient privacy while still securing their building. Retirement homes face the threat of violence, abuse, and theft that require discreet and effective surveillance solutions. Keep your staff, residents, and visitors safe with thermal imaging, touchless access control, and intelligent analytics designed and integrated for your specific facility.


Whether you own a cannabis growing facility or a retail store, state and federal law requires surveillance for your cannabis operation. Cannabis growers and retailers are some of the most targeted locations for theft, and the industry is only growing. We’re experienced in helping cannabis operators put the right surveillance measures in place to keep track of their product from seed to sale.


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