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Public Health Solutions

Our advanced security technology, thermal cameras & video analytics enable businesses to reopen and ensure safe environments, and to comply with any safety regulatory requirements..

Access Control Systems

Our facility access control system solutions encompass keyfob, bluetooth and biometric credentially options systems, with cloud-based access & management.

Cloud Security Solutions

Our cloud solutions provide clients with flexible online system management & decreased costs for on-site hardware requirements for surveillance camera & access control systems.

Video & Audio Analytics

Our clients require real-time alerts, notifications & shorter response times which intelligent video analytics provide. Recognition, gunshot detection, traffic monitoring and more.

Surveillance Camera Systems

Our commercial-grade security camera systems are designed and installed to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Professional 24/7 Monitoring

Our professional alarm & video monitoring services provide custmomers with ad hoc or 24/7 coverage.

Phoenix Commercial Electronic Security Specialists

Surveillance Secure Phoenix meets the growing and unique needs of the commercial market for electronic security. As a leader in the design, installation and upgrading of commercial electronic security systems, we specialize in surveillance cameras, video analytics, electronic gates and access control systems. We meet the project requirements of our clients with enterprise-grade technology that delivers value and ROI, enabling our customers to meet existing needs and plan for future requirements as well. We take a long-term view toward our client relationships so we become your trusted security partner. As a top rated commercial security system integrator in the Phoenix area, Surveillance Secure services government, business, religious and educational clients from Scottsdale to Tempe to Phoenix, as well as nationwide.

Our security professionals will discuss and identify your project-specific challenges, and propose the right technology for your needs.

When approaching each project, our team will ask specific and detailed questions, identify the project requirements, and propose the optimal electronic security system. Our Surveillance Secure Phoenix team pride themselves in the strong customer relationships we develop over time. Clients will experience first-hand how our team focuses on our company mission, providing superior service and enterprise-grade security systems that you can depend on.

Surveillance Secure will strive to become your ‘trusted commercial security partner.’

As a leader in the Phoenix commercial security market, our award-winning service and proven customer track record has delivered exceptional growth for our company, and we are able to support our client’s needs nationwide with our national network of Surveillance Secure owners.

Contact Surveillance Secure Phoenix today to discuss your project and to get a custom no-obligation quote.

Access Control System Specialists

Hospitals & Health Care

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Residential Buildings & Communities

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Commercial Offices & Facilities

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Religious Institutions

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Schools & Universities

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Advanced Surveillance Systems

Commercial grade surveillance cameras which deliver high-quality imaging and are designed to operate in indoor and outdoor conditions.

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IP Cameras

Designed to detect heat signatures, which can be optimal for areas with minimal light, or when needing to see through fog smoke or rain.

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Thermal Cameras

PTZ cameras are designed to cover large areas, and can zoom in on areas to provide more detail.

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PTZ Cameras

Record evidence, video and audio, with cameras that are easy to wear and use.

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Body Worn Cameras

When areas have no local source of power, solar powered cameras provide a reliable solution.

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Solar Powered

Our mobile surveillance systems provide temporary coverage for areas such as construction sites, parking areas or outdoor events.

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Mobile Job-Site

Our commercial wireless cameras can provide wide-range coverage and are a good solution when cabling or trenching isn’t viable.

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Wireless Cameras

When clients need to cover hazardous areas or locations that potentially have explosion prone applications or extreme temperatures.

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Explosion Protected Cameras

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